Welcome to Village Quality Solutions

For over 20 years, Village Quality Solutions has been providing timely, cost-effective inspection, containment, rework, sorting and engineering services to manufacturers and suppliers for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. VQS is the answer to an increasing demand for supplier on-site representation, providing real-time feedback from the production line and the sequencer as issues arise. At VQS, we recognize that we only succeed when our customers are satisfied. VQS provides tailored programs to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our data collection is strictly confidential and considered the sole property of our clients.


Quality Representation

Quality Representation
  • Customer Liaison
  • Field Representation
  • Launch Assistance
  • Remote Troubleshooters
  • PTR/ETR Follow and Feedback

Quality Consultation

Quality Consultation
  • Quality Department Audits
  • Supplier Audits
  • Customer Satisfaction Cycle
  • Special Cause
  • Systematic Issues

Sorting & Containment

Sorting and Containment
  • Line-side Containment
  • Customer Containment
  • Warehouse/3rd Party Sorting
  • Customer Driven 3rd Party Monitoring